John Salvatier

I'm a researcher at AI Impacts. I find data to improve our understanding of the likely long run impacts of powerful machine intelligence.

I think humanity's long run future is overwhelmingly important, and mostly ignored. Humanity is not very good at prioritizing the most important problems.

Because of that, I care a lot about rationality and improving humanity's ability to recognize and strategically deal with big important problems, like death, suffering, and existential risk.

My work

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Selected publications

Owain Evans, Andreas Stuhlm├╝ller, John Salvatier, and Daniel Filan. Modeling Agents with Probabilistic Programs.

Abel D, Salvatier J., Stuhlmüller A., Evans O. (2016) Agent-Agnostic Human-in-the-Loop Reinforcement Learning. Future of Interactive Learning Machines Workshop at NIPS 2016

Kreuger D., Leike J., Evans O., Salvatier J. (2016) Active Reinforcement Learning: Observing Rewards at a Cost. Future of Interactive Learning Machines Workshop at NIPS 2016

Salvatier J., Wiecki TV., Fonnesbeck C. (2016) Probabilistic programming in Python using PyMC3. PeerJ Computer Science 2:e55

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